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Why Join NIIMBL?

Our members drive our success.

NIIMBL relies to on its members to shape the direction of its research and provide expertise in diverse areas of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The investment, engagement and collaboration of its members allows NIIMBL to advance biopharmaceutical manufacturing, solve industry challenges and develop a highly-skilled workforce.

As a NIIMBL member, your organization will have the opportunity to partner with industry, academia, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop methods, tools and educational programs to drive efficient, effective and safe manufacturing standards and best practices. Your organization will not only have input and involvement on NIIMBL projects, but it will also benefit from the shared knowledge of its partners.

Why join NIIMBL?

Committee Seats – NIIMBL technology, workforce, and regulatory agendas are driven and shaped by the Technical Activities Committee (TAC), Workforce Activities Committee (WAC) and Regulatory Considerations Committee (RCC). Your membership may grant your organization seats on these committees. Your participation on these committees gives you a voice in shaping the technology, workforce and regulatory agendas.

Shared IP – Depending on your membership level, your organization will have access to IP developed through this initiative.

Projects – Participate in NIIMBL project calls. Your organization will have the opportunity to partner with other NIIMBL members to propose and contribute to Institute-funded projects.

Networking Opportunities – Collaboration with other members will allow you to share resources and ideas across industry sectors.

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